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FR Fire Resistant Halogen free cables
Spell Petrochemicals (Pvt) Ltd.

This exciting new product will change the way you think about cable construction, equipment protection and safety. FR cable is made using Fire resistant Halogen free compounds that provide many advantages over standard constructions of cable. Highly engineered polymers developed after years of research have produced a new generation of cable that has excellent electrical and mechanical characteristics, superior flame-resistance, low smoke production and reduced toxicity. These cables are ideal for use in environments where high performance, reliability, and protection of life and equipment are required. Applications for FR cable are virtually endless. The advantages of this product make it an ideal candidate for use in a broad range of applications including:
  • Houses, multi-storey buildings, stores, shops, hotels, theaters, cinemas, schools, hospitals, airports, etc.
  • Fire warning plants, alarm systems, ventilation system, escalators, lifts, safety lights, operation and intensive stations, maintenance equipment.
  • Underground railways and other railway plants.
  • Power stations and industrial plants with high valuable machines and materials or risky potentials.
  • Emergency power supply works.
Major accidents which have resulted in the deaths of many innocent people, have taught us that the safety of the occupants and users in public, commercial and industrial environments is of paramount importance. Every possible safety feature designed to prevent and protect against loss of life and damage to property should be specified and installed. One such safety feature is the use of fire performance cables for critical safety systems, including fire alarms, emergency lighting, PA systems, CCTV systems, emergency power supplies and smoke & fire shutters. The correct selection and installation of these life saving cables helps ensure that in the event of an emergency, vital safety systems will continue to operate to assist an orderly evacuation of the premises and to aid the emergency services in gaining quick and effective entry to deal with the hazard. Today’s modern architect is constantly aiming to build higher and larger structures, incorporating complex interiors within which we can both live and work. The construction of these new super structures inevitably means accommodating more people, with the added responsibility for their safety and well being resting with the specifiers and consultants responsible for the project. At Spell Group, we understand what is required from a fire performance cable and we appreciate the pressures faced by specifiers and consultants in selecting the correct cable from the range available.
FR Cables fire performance cables are specifically designed to facilitate the quick and orderly evacuation of the buildings occupants in the events of an emergency. Purpose designed to maintain circuit integrity to a host of critical safety systems, including fire alarms, emergency lights, CCTV systems and emergency power supplies, FR cables form a vital component of any safety system. The special characteristics of the FR Cables range make it suitable for an almost infinite number of applications and environments.